Business Plan For Your Company

You have the finances, but there are some basic questions still unanswered. Are you struggling to identify what the best business idea or product to invest in is? How to create a business entity and establish a brand? How to market the product and move forward?Whether to employ offline or online marketing techniques, or a mix of both? You are clueless and want someone to take up the crucial responsibility of creating business opportunities, strategizing plans, executing, managing operations, and overseeing progress to make the business profitable.

We provide you end-to-end business services, all from building strategy to its execution. Our suite of services includes formation of a company, innovative ideas about new products and services, product selection, creation of brand name and logo, web and app designing, market scoping, product pricing, creating sales & marketing strategy, go to market strategy, offline and digital marketing strategies, sales structure, sales automation tools, systems and processes, distribution strategy, implementation plan, and execution of strategy.

Establishing Digital Marketing

You have established the offline marketing channel for your product, but now want to start selling it online through e-commerce portals and online marketplaces, and start digital marketing.We get you registered on e-commerce portals and online marketplaces, create your digital presence on social media platforms, help in digital marketing using cost-effective tools like SEO/SEM to yield quick results, run email marketing campaigns to tap target customers, create sales lead mechanism, and strengthen your digital marketing arm.

Pranita Sakhare

You have an established manufacturing facility and a good product in hand, but you don’t have the skills or skilled resources to market it. This is where we come in.We help you build product pricing strategy, provide competitive intelligence, create go-to market strategy, sales & distribution structure, selection of sales channels, marketing media selection, product launch and promotions. You can choose from two available options: In the first, we create your team and you manage; and in the second, we create your team and manage end-to-end.

Expanding Your Business

You have the product, sales team, but limited geography to market the product. Now, you would like to grow and expand your business to a regional or national level.We conduct feasibility studies and due diligence of your existing operations, and help identify gaps to mitigate risk. We also create a road map for expansion, build a sales & marketing plan, expand sales structure, help you enter and grow in high potential market territories, build the distribution network, run customised marketing and promotions, create sales automation tools and MIS platform, and continuously track performance.

Establishing Offline Marketing

You have registered your product on e-commerce portal and are selling your product online, but additionally want to market your product through offline media channels.

We help you create a go-to market strategy, select media channels, define sales & marketing strategy and structure, create distribution structure, systems and processes, and create and manage your entire offline business.


Making Business Profitable

You have been loosely managing operations, and your business is not performing as well as you expected it to, in terms of sales and revenue. You want to turn it around and make it profitable.We take swift action and analyse your existing business structure, systems, and processes. We identify gaps and create the strategy for a turnaround. We redefine business structure, evaluate effectiveness of digital marketing, focus on employee skills and productivity enhancement, competitive pricing, strategize and execute plans for a complete business turnaround.

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