Assess, Evaluate And Determine The Profitability Of Your Proposed Proect Or New Venture

We understand that there are huge risks involved in planning, design and execution of any project. Therefore, in order to mitigate all risks, the first critical step in any project is to evaluate its feasibility – conceptual, technical, financial, or physical. Our team of experts provide detailed due diligence services and conduct comprehensive feasibility studies covering all aspects of a proposed project prior to concept design.

A full-scale Feasibility Study involves an in-depth analysis of current and historical data, to determine what aspects of the project are feasible and what hold best future prospects. Through a detailed feasibility study, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of available options and provide a business plan to capitalize on the projects strengths and overcome its weaknesses.

Our due diligence plan investigates and assesses the risks and opportunities associated with a project, and helps mitigate them, and eliminate all uncertainty. It provides our clients with all the confidence in their investments, and enables them to make better and informed decisions to ensure complete peace of mind!

The feasibility study also provides the basis for contracts, tender documents, negotiations, or subsequent contract monitoring.

Our  FullL-Scale Feasibility Study Checklist Includes:

Project Infrastructure
Project Conceptual Design &Layout
Licenses and Permits for all jurisdictions
Project Cost Estimate, Impact and Permitting Fees

Our experts and experienced professionals ensure that a complete analysis of the project is done prior to our architects, engineers and master planners create the conceptual designs. This critical due diligence step reduces development risk, and reinforces confidence in our clients about their investments.

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